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Now You Have The Power, Please be carefull with it!

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Shall we stop killing all children yet? !!!

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Now You Have The Power, Please be carefull with it!

Dear All Children of Earth:

The conflict in education and parenting is this....Parents and teachers have inherited a breed to kill context and have yet to change their intent to resolve the lack of respect for life that this is. They will make excuses AND it is IMPERITIVE that you DONOT accept any excuses. Guide them, compassionately, into immortalising aptitude. This is your indigo inheritance....use your genius and stick together, organize yourselves for strength! Freedom will pass away as humanity collectively resolves this conflict of interest.

Dear Indigo Immortals of Earth:

Thank you for being patient with us older humanoids. You have needed this your whole life and now you have it! Please use your power carefully as no one is intentionally stupid.

On this web page is enough truth to protect yourselves from killer parents, teachers, and GOVERNMENTS, who all mean well but are very asleep. Please organize youselves, use the internet, develope your own codes and languages, as necessary, to do your job well! You control some of the spending already and, as you gain clarity and power through time you can control all the spending on IMMORTALITY! so Be it!


Intention has been constucted over a period larger than 3 billion years. And in all cases of dna expression, one factor runs common through the entire phenomenon, and that is success is measured as survival in the time domain. Walk through any graveyard in the world and notice the information context is the same: Date of birth and date of death. This is the basic law of existence, how long!

To kid, means, amoung other things, to deceive. And how simple to see what it is that we kid them about with our false love. You have been created to die, and without your consent. That single fact points directly at our expression relating to being intimate with "other" sex: Did you "sleep" with them.

So here we have it in its blatant simplicity, the sleeping dead, replicating the unconsented replacements (kids) using genetic roulette and psychic roulette (confusion unresolved) and calling this behavior "having" chilled-run" an endless pointless malicious progression of confusion regarding the nature of existence and the "right use" of will.

Well, the time has come, because the intention has been generated, to clean up the mess we all inherited, the time of physical immortality is radiantly alive in the world.

So clarity on kid power is this. When they have been shown their context and their rights to be eternal, as it is the nature of evolution to attempt to niche time eternal, then you can begin to sense and visual-lies......that freedom is dumb and a dead-lie (deadly). It was an era of innocent confusion which preceded the grand clarification. As the viscosity of older humans is high, then their is a necessity and a logic to empowering the fluid amoung us, the new arrivals.

And so it is being created an internetted empowering and an organizing of the fluid portion of the collective human psychy, from America, the land of the free to speak...... Kid power as immortalyzers mandantory and patient though unwavering. They, we, have both the right and the imperative to learn to live without end. It is our own law that states "Thou shalt not kill!"

Universal Organized Physical Immortality, International, is pending and depending upon your surrender and cooperation and children will be awakened to their rights to protect them from the plight of their innocent sleeping parents known as the living dead.

The Power of the mind, at any age, is engaged by placing truth in it. Clearly, breeding to kill is not the right use of will. In the mean time, breeding to immortalise will be the transition context of "right use of will". Once children have been cleared about this, using the freedom of speech and the internet, they will know to self organise to help adults come conscious. It is the prophecy that this must happen now.

The human race has inherited creativity to clean the evolutionary forces, as it birthed us, now we will come conscious, together, and finish the job, bringing respect, love, clarity, cooperative attitudes, unity, efficiency, order, motivation, and fun into it's previously unassisted intent. Team Works!

As I have been injecting this immortalyzing force into mothers and fathers for more than a decade, I have kept track of all the EXCUSES!!!they use to defend their killing of all children. The guilt admitted or denied always takes form in a fairly narrow way. Claims are made about what "god" wants, or what nature wants, most commonly it takes one of three forms:

(1.)New Agers: Soul-ism and past life-ism; "We will get another chance! So, therefore we don't have to get it right this time if "we" don't want to-ism

(2.)Naturalists: Since death is part of nature, therefore, "it" should continue-ism

(3.)Religious: God will take our bodies and our "Soul" will go to heaven or hell depending on-ism.

So, I will prepare "kids", the newly deceived beings, that these psychic strategies all represent death intention trying to mask itself as "I'm not responsible-ism"

And they are dead right, they are not creating response-ABILITY, so, WE will create it for them. There is +++THE+++ POWER!!!, RIGHT THERE.

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